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We love cars. We love Car Enthusiasts! We love big Cadillac’s & Big Blocks, fast Fords & Fins of the Fifties! We love cool Chevy’s & your Dad’s Oldsmobile. We love George Barris, Carroll Shelby, Mr. Norm and the guy from My Classic Car. We love fuel injection & old school carbs. We love aluminum intakes & steering wheel knobs. We love Continental Kits, Pin Striping, Flames and Fender Badges. We love dual exhaust, pastel colors, competition cams, and opening a new package from Summit Racing. We love cars named after Animals, Planets and Rockets too. We love Cragar Wheels with red lined tires and Red painted wheels with wide white walls. We love cars & trucks. Period. If you come to our show and leave without a trophy, well that’s a shame…because we’d love your car too! We are Showplace Classics.

We are native Houstonians that have recently moved back home to be with family. As former corporate transfers, we’re excited to be back home! We have produced and same day managed over 400 award shows and a couple of thousand Cruise Nights. We are excited to bring shows to Houston for your enjoyment, to meet you and your family, and also see & enjoy your car or truck. We have worked with hundreds of businesses, organizations, committees, municipalities and charities.

We are Kerry & Lavine and can be reached @ (832) 373-9202 or Karshowkerry@yahoo.com

Come see us! And remember…. Life is too short to drive boring cars!

car Show Classes

We could sit back and have a great conversation just listing all the types of cars & trucks. There is so many from Rods to Custom, Classic to Muscle, Import to Exotic, and pretty much everything in between. Not to mention the Year, Make & Models! The fact is…one can’t devise a perfect group and/or classifications for a Car & Bike Show and not have someone feel a bit slighted. We know. We’ve tried. What we can do is attempt to create a level playing field. Some of our shows might be all Corvettes, Mustangs or Cadillac’s and will have a Top 35 format while others such as the Bayou City Cup Series will offer some classes/groupings. These may change from show to show, but typically we will use the following unless otherwise stated. Up to 35, 36-49, 50’s, 60-66, 67-69, 70’s, 80’s/ 90’s, 2000’s, and 2010 & up, Trucks up to 1959, 1960-89 & 1990 and up.

Show Rules

We have to have them and you need to know them.

  1. No alcohol beverages can be brought onto show grounds/properties. Please understand this. Don’t make us out to be the bad guys here. As you will be asked to leave the show with no refund if this occurs.
  2. No alcohol beverages. We feel so strongly about this, that we listed it in the rules twice! I think you get the point.
  3. There is never a pre-registration at Showplace Classics. Your plans change and rain happens, we get this. Registration for shows begins as the schedule states and will usually end 3 hrs later. i.e. 9am-12pm, 10am-1am, and so forth. Awards are typically around 4:pm or so and for the Twi-light shows, 8pm
  4. Participant judge sheets will be issued, scored, and tallied for the award ceremony. In addition, some shows may have one or more of the following, People’s Choice, Mayor’s Choice, Sponsors Choice, Host’s Choice, etc. We also use a multiple balloting system. Meaning that we randomly issue up to three different judge sheets for the same show. Not everyone will be issued the same judge sheet. You may receive one and your buddy may another. Each could be completely different with respects to Classes. This reduces the ‘buddy’ system as one truly has no idea of which judge sheet they will be issued and each judge sheet will have a different set of classes to evaluate & judge. While this creates more work for our staff, it also creates a more fair & balanced approach of identifying the show winners. You should also know that Showplace Classics uses a customized computer software to collect the data from the ballots. The system has built in filters that will disregard a faulty ballot.
  5. Fair is fair…Participant judge sheets will be passed out AFTER all show participants have been registered & properly processed.
  6. We ask that you carefully & legibly record your vote per vehicle. Double-check the vehicle number. Votes cast for vehicles in the wrong group will be disqualified.
  7. All pronounced winners are final as tabulated by Showplace Classics.